Co-developing system solutions to advance an integrated critical care system.


CCSO continues to deliver on its promise of improving access, quality, system integration and value in the health system by addressing the policy, and operational issues that impact Ontario’s critical care system.

Critical Care Focus

Key to the implementation of programs under the Critical Care Strategy is monitoring capacity and capability, understanding where critical care resources exist and knowing how to leverage them to improve access and care for patients. The CCSO team works closely with health system partners to leverage the foundational tools implemented through the Critical Care Strategy, many of which were designed and developed post SARS.

Critical Care Related Programs

CCSO centrally coordinates and develops integrated system solutions for critical care and speciality programs aligned with critical care including Neurosurgery, Trauma and Burns and Long-Term Ventilation.

Patient and Family Partnerships

CCSO’s critical care plan is anchored in the principles of patient and family partnerships to improve patient-centred and team-based care.

Building Strength of Health Care Teams

CCSO provides strategic leadership to ensure ongoing health human resources planning considers an adequate supply of inter-professional providers that are well supported to provide exceptional care for Ontarians that require critical care.


CCSO routinely conducts evaluations to improve the performance of the critical care system, support accountability, identify lessons learned, and inform decision-making.

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