Data and analytics are crucial for performance monitoring and informing health system decisions.


Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) is a data-informed organization that produces various reports including critical care system performance scorecards, monitoring dashboards, surveillance, survey, evaluation, and provisional reports for Ontario Health (OH), the Ministry of Health (MOH) and key system stakeholders. These evidence-informed data products support the critical care system and provincial programs (neurosurgery, trauma and burns) to monitor performance improvement initiatives at the local, regional and provincial levels and develop policies and programs to strengthen Ontario’s critical care system. 

Data Privacy

Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) utilizes health system data to inform planning, performance monitoring, and system level decision-making. To safeguard patient data and ensure proper use of personal health information in a way that protects the confidentiality of that information, CCSO adheres to the standards set by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) 2004. CCSO does not provide data or produce reports for public use.

For more information about CCSO’s privacy policies and processes, please contact [email protected].

Performance Management

Performance Management is a vital component of a high performing health system. CCSO uses advanced analytics and data visualization tools to produce dashboards and reports such as critical care system scorecards and system capacity dashboards to ensure insights from program-specific performance data are communicated effectively to hospital and critical care leaders, as well as Ontario Health, the Ministry of Health (MOH), and provincial advisory groups. Performance reporting also supports Local Critical Care Networks (LCCNs), led by Critical Care Clinical Leads, in developing performance management and quality improvement initiatives leading to service delivery solutions adapted to meet local needs.

Data Collection and Usage

Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) uses data from multiple sources to measure, track and report progress across program areas and to inform program evaluations. Data sources include:

  • Critical Care Information System (CCIS)
  • Hospital Case Facilitation Data (CritiCall Ontario)
  • Discharge Abstract Database Metadata (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
  • National Ambulatory Care Reporting System Metadata (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
  • Ontario Trauma Registry (OTR)
  • Wait Times Information System
  • Burnout and Health Human Resource hospital reported annual surveys administered by CCSO

Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) is responsible for the strategic oversight of the Critical Care Information System (CCIS) and has the central administration role for the Ontario Trauma Registry (OTR).


CCSO routinely conducts evaluations to improve the performance of the critical care system, support accountability, identify lessons learned, and inform decision-making. 

The mandate of CCSO includes performance monitoring and identifying critical care system needs. Through collaboration with health care partners, CCSO identifies quality improvement opportunities to facilitate system change through efficiencies and innovations in the delivery of Ministry funded critical care and provincial program projects. Each fiscal year CCSO identifies programs/projects, policy, and initiatives to be evaluated, and reports the findings to Ontario Health, the Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders.

For more information about Evaluation at CCSO, please contact [email protected].


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