Technology Assisted Remote Critical Care Services

Providing 24/7 access to remote Critical Care Service through video consultation in northern regions of the province.

Virtual Critical Care provides access to critical care expertise through remote video consultations. Currently this service enables remote Northern areas of Ontario to access critical care practitioners to help with the management of critically ill patients without requiring a transfer to a tertiary centre.   Access to expertise in critical care services in remote Northern areas of Ontario can be challenging due to the vast geography and long distances separating hospital centres. CCSO provides program oversight, reporting and performance monitoring across two Ministry funded VCC programs in the North East and North West sub-regions of the province. This program improves the coordination and effective application of CCSO programs such as the Critical Care Response Team (CCRTs) and ensures a patient-focused approach to provide care closer to home. Cases are facilitated by CritiCall Ontario, Ontario Health (Ontario Telemedicine Network) and Ornge.

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