Surge Capacity Management Plan

Increases or surges in the demand for critical care services can pose significant risks to capacity and the ability to deliver necessary health care services.

The Surge Capacity Management Plan, in place since March 2009, offers healthcare providers the necessary information, tools and standardized protocols to be applied in order to effectively manage increases in patient volumes without compromising patient safety.

Ontario’s Ventilator Stockpile

The health system is periodically faced with emerging respiratory health threats like SARS and COVID-19, or surges of critical care activity. To support hospitals in managing capacity for ventilator support equipment during times of pressure, the Provincial Ventilator Stockpile is available as a system resource.  

There are 19 host hospitals for the provincial stockpile strategically located across the province.  Hospitals requesting access to the Provincial Ventilator Stockpile should follow the ‘Ontario’s Ventilator Stockpile – Guidance Document’, available below for more details. 

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