Adult Critical Care

Providing system level planning to strengthen Ontario’s adult critical care system.

The adult critical care system in Ontario encompasses a full spectrum of care delivered within the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary hospital settings. The system is comprised of approximately 190 adult critical care units across Ontario, with about 68% of beds having the capacity to mechanically ventilate patients. The units offer a combination of medical-surgical, and subspecialty critical care within the accepted care guidelines for effective, efficient, timely care to meet the needs of patients and their families.

CCSO provides the leadership for facilitating the needed system-wide capacity and capability planning as well as oversight for system level distributed performance management for the adult critical care system through local critical care networks, and provincial critical care advisory structures. These groups work to ensure that adult critical care capacity is maintained through proactive planning and infrastructure investments, including but not limited to beds and health human resources.

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