Leveraging expertise from critical care stakeholders.

Building connections between interdisciplinary and cross-functional health care providers has enabled improved transitions throughout a patient’s continuum of care.  Through the long-standing partnerships CCSO has helped to create and nurture, a knowledge sharing infrastructure that underpins the delivery of safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable care. 

Our committees include representation from all levels of the healthcare system, from front-line healthcare providers to senior administrators. The committee governance structure ensures broad representation and collaboration and that these perspectives are integrated in decision-making. 

Advisory Committees

CCSO coordinates and convenes provincial advisory committees that are generally comprised of clinical leaders, senior administrators from both community hospitals and academic health centres, local and regional networks, the Ministry of Health, and other system partners including medical transport providers and program related councils and associations. 

Many CCSO program areas follow a two-tiered governance structure, including a provincial advisory committee and two associated sub-committees, Performance Management and System Capacity and Capabilities. Additional time-limited task forces and reference groups are created to address specific issues, as needed. 

Critical Care Advisory Committee

Applying a system lens, this committee focuses on the needs of the critical care system across Ontario and brings together adult critical care regional representatives from organizations across the province as well as system leaders for paediatric critical care and neonatal intensive care. The Critical Care Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body to CCSO, identifying issues of relevance and guiding provincial strategies to improve the critical care system and support Ontario’s Critical Care System Priorities. These leaders are key influencers in aligning regional and system perspectives to enable high quality critical care focused on patient access, quality care delivery, and system integration.

The Ontario Critical Care Workforce Advisory Committee

Identifying and addressing system level issues pertaining to critical care health human resources (HHR) within Ontario, this group focuses on HHR priorities relating to recruitment and retention, including, training, wellness, models of care, practice standards and other processes that enable the critical care workforce. Comprised of Hospital CNEs representing the 5 Ontario Regions, with a focus on inter-professional teams and critical care directors ensuring representation from adult, paediatrics, community, and academic centres.

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The Ontario Neonatal Intensive Care Advisory Committee

Advising the development of a provincial patient and family-centred, integrated, inclusive and sustainable neonatal critical care system. Included in this work is the establishment of performance indicators to ensure system capacity and accountability for quality care of critically ill infants and their families across the province.

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Paediatric Critical Care Advisory Committee

Identifying and planning solutions to address the needs of paediatric patients who require critical care services across the province. The Committee works to establish quality benchmarks and a culture of ongoing accountability and performance measurement. The Committee considers all aspects related to the paediatric critical care patient journey through the continuum of care.

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Provincial Life or Limb Advisory Committee

Advising on initiatives that target patient flow and timely access to critical care services across the health care system, to promote the right level of care closest to home. This group will advise work that targets patient flow and timely access to critical care services across the health care system (including Life or Limb and Repatriation), and which promotes the right level of care closest to home.

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Provincial Neurosurgery Advisory Committee

Providing advice for the continued development and sustainability of a patient-centred, integrated, inclusive and sustainable provincial neurosurgery system in Ontario. The committee is actively engaged in monitoring and maintaining system performance through performance measurement and reporting, ongoing assessment of system capabilities and capacity, and engagement in system process improvement projects.

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Ontario Trauma Advisory Committee

Providing advice to ensure the continued advancement of an effective, integrated and sustainable trauma system. This Committee has been integral to the development of strategies for Lead Trauma Hospital performance and capacity management, as well as for establishing Regional Trauma Networks to drive trauma system quality and integration forward.

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