Recruitment & Retention

Critical care nursing recruitment and retention continues to be an area of challenge in the critical care system. Current leading practices that have been successful and sustainable to foster healthy working environments have been explored and reviewed below.

Leadership Practices

Effective leadership strategies play a crucial role in the retention of critical care staff. Provincial strategies for prioritizing the importance of leadership have been listed below

Positive Practice Environments

Positive nursing practices for positive working environments

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The Value of Soft Skills

How to bring joy to the workplace

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Retention of the Experienced Workforce

Factors that influence retention and recruitment of an experienced workforce

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Burnout Resources

Burnout resources and strategies for Ontario’s Critical Care Workforce

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Awesome and Amazing Rounds (A&A Rounds)

How to view clinical situations from a positive lens

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Professional Development

On-going professional development opportunities are important to maintain existing credentials and further enhance skill sets

Critical Care Nurse Training Fund (CCNTF)

Call for Applications: Annual Critical Care Nurse Training Fund

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Critical Care Staff Rotation

Opportunities for skill and learning enhancement for critical care nurses

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Measuring Work Engagement

Testing work engagement via questionnaire

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Managing Challenging Conversations

Survey questions to assist employees having difficult conversations with colleagues

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The Michener Institute

Free learning modules to support training developed in response to COVID-19

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Team Empowerment

By building resiliency within critical care teams, staff feel empowered, encouraged and motivated which leads to higher retention rates

Joy in the Workplace

Virtual course on finding joy in the workplace by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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Check-list, Huddles, Debrief

Strategies & Tools to Enhance Team Performance

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Holistic Care for the Care Provider

A study focusing on the retention of nurses through the application of holistic care

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Factors for Nurse Resilience

A study focusing on nurse resilience by examining work and personal factors.

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Retention of the experienced workforce

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