The First Anniversary of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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An Invitation to Pause, Reflect and Remember

At this marked event, the OC3PR will be holding a space to:

  • Break down isolation by marking this anniversary in community
  • Normalize the psychological and emotional impact of this historic year
  • Reflect on our individual and collective experiences of loss
  • Tap into our innate resources to support our natural need to grieve
  • Explore how grieving supports post-traumatic growth

Since the declaration of the global pandemic one year ago, the healthcare community has experienced a collective trauma.

Fear of infection, constant change, new work environments and practices, witnessing sickness and death from COVID, emotional separation from friends and family, disruptions to homelife…the accumulation of stressors healthcare workers have endured is staggering. Our pace of work and professional culture make little space for our natural human need to pause, reflect and grieve.

Grieving is a healthy response to loss, and a necessary step on the journey towards post-traumatic growth. We can’t heal what we can’t feel. In this experiential 30 minute webinar we will mark the first anniversary of COVID-19 with a collective invitation to reflect on loss, to remember we are not alone, and to connect to our innate resources to support our healing and recovery.

We invite all critical care colleagues and system partners to attend our live broadcast and ask that you please share this invite with your colleagues who are involved with critical care and beyond. No registration will be necessary to watch and attend.


March 11, 2021
2:00-2:30pm EST

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